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Prairie Fire Pottery

New traditions are laying root in Golden Valley County. In keeping with North Dakota's heritage from pioneer days pottery has long been a needed item for survival. But in modern times it has become a collectable item sought after by collectors and people who appreciate hand crafted pieces. Prairie Fire Pottery, located in Beach, is keeping with the long traditions of pottery production in North Dakota. They also produce a very unique clay tile with footprints of animals from the area as well as from endangered species from around the world. Prairie Fire Pottery is also a proud supplier to zoos and parks around the world. This is a must stop for any traveler passing the region.






Municipal Swimming Pool

If your traveling during the summer months, or visiting some relatives in Golden Valley County, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the newly built Municipal Swimming Pool. Dedicated in the spring of 1998, the pool offers a 60 foot water slide, a 75'X30' lap pool, an attached baby pool complete with an umbrella waterfall. You will find it to being one of the best outdoor facilities in the region.

Olson’s Service Station

Why does a small town with a population of less than 50, make the "OPRAH SHOW," CBS's "TRAVELS WITH HARRY" and nearly 50 national and international radio stations. Olson's Service Station, located in Sentinel Butte, alongside old Highway 10 has captured the imagination of the rest of the world because they gave a key to the gas station to everyone in town. (This gives real meaning to self service!) The Olsons couldn't have the station open all the time and this was the best answer. Customers would write down how much gas they pumped and slip it in a slot in the door, and the Olsons would bill them later. People outside North Dakota can't understand how this could go on. But the Olsons' answer is "That's how things are here". There aren't many old gas stations left out there that are still open, so it's a refreshing place to stop.

Sip ‘n Sew and Flowers to Go!


Celebrating the art of quilting and sewing is Sip 'n Sew and Flowers to Go! This retail establishment offers an inviting atmosphere that is both welcoming and relaxing.  Come browse the assortment of fabrics, notions and patterns while enjoying a refreshing drink or snack.  Giftware is sprinkled among the many green plants, and fresh flowers are available daily.  Stop in and sit a spell or shop from home at






Golden Valley County Museum

People celebrate their history in the Golden Valley County Museum. Many people from the community have given their time, labor, interest and many donations to make this a living history of the people who lived in the county. Exhibitions in the museum are planned to show the visitor "what it was like long ago." The museum offers over 2,000 exhibits and features a restored 1909 school house, old tractors and other pieces of old equipment to a horse drawn hearse from the very early 1900's. Other exhibits date back into the 1800's of how people lived, and artifacts of the prairie, such as fossils, Indian arrow heads, old wagons. You will want to stop in again and again just because there is not enough time to see everything.

Sentinel Butte

Adventurers can hike Sentinel Butte, the plateau seen from the Interstate. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking!  It is highly recommended however, not to take RVs, campers or small cars up the primitive road that leads to the top.







Theodore Roosevelt National Park & Medora, ND

Only 25 minutes away is Theodore Roosevelt National Park and North Dakota's biggest tourist destination of Medora. With many cute shops and World Famous Medora Musical and don’t forget about Bully Pulpit 18 hole golf course.











This only gives you a flavor of what our region has to offer. Unfortunately there isn't enough space in this web site to show you all the attractions in the area but it does mention a few. From outdoor experiences, preservation of pioneer heritage to technological advances in farming, you won't find another region like this. You are invited to see for yourself and enjoy yourself in Beach, Golva and Sentinel Butte. If you would like more information on any of these attractions in Golden Valley County, please go to the Contact Us Form and submit the form.

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